Access To Recovery (ATR) Voucher

If you have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder and earn a low income - or are from a low income background - you might be qualified to use the Access to Recovery (ATR) Voucher to help you pay for the cost of your addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

About the Access to Recovery Voucher

The Access to Recovery (ATR) Voucher is different from other federally and state funded programs that help people access treatment and rehabilitation services to enable them overcome their substance abuse and addiction problems.

This is in the sense that you can choose from various treatment programs, services, and facilities. Even while using this voucher, you might still be able to benefit from both alternative and traditional programs, which might not always be covered through other federally and state funded efforts to alleviate the substance abuse problems plaguing Americans across the country.

If you use this voucher, to this end, you might be able to choose from addiction treatment service providers who will deliver these services in clinical settings - similar to what you might already have become accustomed to. However, you can also access care from other options, including those that could potentially provide breakthroughs for you. These other options include community organizations and faith-based addiction treatment programs.

Rehabs That Accept Access to Recovery Voucher

Simply defined, the Access to Recovery (ATR) Voucher is a kind of funding that is designed to help you receive help for your substance abuse and addiction as well as for any other co-occurring medical and mental health disorders that you might be struggling with.

However, this voucher is different in the sense that you can access both traditional and alternative addiction treatment services, which might not always be covered under other programs that are funded by the federal and state governments.

This program has been designed in such a way that it extends the number of addiction treatment and rehabilitation services that you can receive. It also uses grants to ensure that more people are able to access more options for recovery from their substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Some addiction treatment programs offer these vouchers so that they can ensure that patients have more choices with regards to how they can fund their rehabilitation and recovery services.

In so doing, these facilities are able to help the organizations that manage Access to Recovery (ATR) Voucher programs to ensure that more people can benefit from a wider variety of addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs. In the process, clients also get to find the perfect kind of rehabilitation and therapy for their particular situations.

As a client, you will get the opportunity to choose the provider of the program that you feel might be able to best meet your needs and requirements for long term care, recovery, and treatment.

Access to Recovery Voucher Eligibility

To be eligible for Access to Recovery (ATR) Voucher programs, you have to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a history of substance abuse and addiction that is still ongoing
  • Have annual incomes and revenues that are lower than 200 percent of the American poverty levels as set by the federal government
  • Live in the county or jurisdiction that is providing the voucher program

As long as you meet these requirements, you might be able to enjoy the benefits provided by the Access to Recovery (ATR) Voucher, including but not limited to choosing the treatment and recovery program that you think would be the best fit for you.

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