Partial Hospitalization or Day Treatment

Partial hospitalization/day treatment is a form of outpatient addiction treatment. Through this form of treatment, you can get intensive care for your substance abuse and addiction at an outpatient facility.

About Partial Hospitalization Programs

Also known as day treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs are designed to take care of the needs and requirements of clients who need a higher level of medical care than they would typically find in a standard or regular outpatient treatment setting.

While enrolled in a partial hospitalization program, you will receive comprehensive addiction treatment services as well as medical monitoring. This will be provided during the day, and this is why these programs are also known as day treatment programs. However, you will not be required to stay at the center overnight.

These programs also provide outpatient addiction treatment and recovery services. these services might include but are not limited to individual therapy, group counseling, and ongoing access to the medical care that you might need.

Typically, you will be expected to attend this type of program for 3 to 5 days every week, spending around 4 to 6 hours every day. At the end of the treatment program, you will be able to go back home or to your other obligations and responsibilities at work or school.

That said, partial hospitalization programs are more intensive than regular outpatient treatment programs. This is because the latter will only require you to visit the recovery center once or twice every week.

You might be enrolled in a partial hospitalization/day treatment program after you have already been through an inpatient addiction treatment program. This is because it is a step-down recovery service that would prove useful if you reach a point where you no longer require round the clock medical supervision and care but would still benefit from this high level of medical support.

Partial Hospitalization Services

Before you get started on treatment at a partial hospitalization program, the staff will evaluate and assess you. The goal of this process would be to determine your goals, needs, requirements, and preferences. The assessment will also discover the extent and severity of your substance use disorder as well as the progress you have made in recovery.

The treatment staff will also create a highly individualized and personalized treatment plan for you. This will be based on your mental health condition (if any) as well as your substance use disorder.

While enrolled in a partial hospitalization/day treatment program, you will work with many recovery professionals, including social workers, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, doctors, and psychologists. These experts will offer the following services:

  • 12-step programs
  • Aftercare planning
  • Coping skills
  • Educational support groups
  • Family therapy and education
  • Group counseling
  • Holistic treatments, including yoga, nutrition, meditation, equine therapy, exercise and fitness classes, music therapy, and art therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Life skills
  • Medical detox
  • Medical services
  • Medication management
  • Recreational activities
  • Relapse prevention skills management
  • Stress management
  • Support groups
  • Team building
  • Transition to sober living homes

Some partial hospitalization/day treatment programs can also provide dual diagnosis addiction treatment services, where they would help you recover from both your substance abuse as well as from any other mental health disorders that you might also be struggling with.

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