Ambien Treatment Centers

Ambien treatment centers offer a wide variety of rehabilitation and recovery services that can help you stop abusing this drug, overcome your dependence on it, and turn your life around to productive and healthy living.

About Ambien

A sedative and hypnotic drug, Ambien is also known as zolpidem. It works by affecting various chemicals in the brain, which might be unbalanced if you are struggling with insomnia and sleep problems.

Doctors often prescribe this medication for the treatment of insomnia. Since it is an immediate-release tablet, it can help you go to sleep as soon as you get into your bed. However, there is also an extended-release form of Ambien that is divided into two parts - the first to cause instant sleep and the second to keep you asleep.

Ambien Addiction Treatment

However, Ambien also causes other pleasurable effects. This is why some people abuse it. If you continue abusing this drug, you may get to a point where you develop addiction, or a substance use disorder. When this happens, you will need help from Ambien treatment centers before you can overcome your growing addiction.

These treatment centers will take care of the psychological and physical dependence that you have developed in the course of your drug abuse. The withdrawal process will also be managed to ensure that you do not continue abusing this medication. Often, treatment centers will offer the following services:

1. Medical Detox

When you first give up Ambien after developing physical dependence, you will experience negative effects. This is because your body would be adjusting to the absence of the drug in its system. As a result, you may suffer from these effects, which are commonly referred to as withdrawal symptoms.

A medically managed detox program would be designed to help you overcome these withdrawal symptoms. It will also manage any cravings to take Ambien that you might start experiencing.

In some of these programs, you might have to be tapered off the drug. This means that your treatment team will create a specialized tapering schedule to ensure that you do not suffer from the negative withdrawal symptoms.

2. Inpatient Rehab

Once you have overcome your physical dependence, the next step might involve checking into Ambien treatment centers that offer rehabilitation services on an inpatient or residential basis. These centers will provide accommodation, food, and lodging, while also taking care of your Ambien abuse and addiction.

The centers will also create highly structured schedules, comprised of support group meetings, counseling, and therapy - among many other activities. This structure could help you reestablish yourself to a lifestyle without Ambien.

3. Outpatient Rehab

On the other hand, if your Ambien addiction is less severe or is not accompanied by any other co-occurring medical or mental health disorders, you might check into an outpatient addiction recovery program.

In such a program, you do not have to live at the facility. Instead, you can visit your chosen addiction treatment centers for several hours each week to get help with your substance abuse and addiction.

Both inpatient and outpatient Ambien treatment centers can provide you with the services that you need to stop abusing Ambien, overcome your physical and psychological dependence, and turn your life around to health, wellness, sobriety, and recovery.

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