U.S. Department of VA Funds

Run by the Department of Veteran Affairs, U.S. Department of VA Funds are available for use by veterans - as well as their families, dependents, and loved ones - in offsetting the cost of health care.

About U.S. Department of VA Funds

If you have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder and you are qualified for U.S. Department of VA Funds, you can use them to pay for the cost of treatment and rehabilitation at an addiction recovery facility.

Today, many veterans struggle with substance use disorders involving alcohol, street drugs, prescription medications, tobacco, and many other drugs of abuse. This is due, in part at least, to their experiences in active military duty.

Due to the prevalence of this problem among veteran communities, the federal government set up U.S. Department of VA Funds to ensure that these people are able to get the help that they need to overcome their substance use disorders as well as manage any other co-occurring medical and mental health disorders that they might also have been diagnosed with.

Post-traumatic stress disorder - among other mental health disorders - are also quite common among veteran populations. Since they are sometimes linked with substance abuse and addiction, VA funds also allow beneficiaries to use them to get these disorders treated and managed.

U.S. Department of VA Funds offer many options for veterans - as well as their dependents - so that they can seek treatment and recovery services for their substance use disorders. These range from life-threatening drug abuse to unhealthy alcohol consumption. Through these funds, you can access a broad range of recovery services. however, the services will largely depend on the specific needs and requirements of the affected parties.

Some of the options that are available, to this end, include but are not limited to:

  • Medically managed detoxification for the management of withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, especially during the early stages of substance use recovery
  • Continuing care
  • Drug substitution therapies to reduce alcohol and substance cravings (including methadone and buprenorphine used in the treatment of opiate addiction)
  • Family counseling
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Marriage therapy
  • Nicotine replacement for stopping the use of tobacco
  • Relapse prevention services to ensure that you do not go back to substance abuse after your treatment
  • Residential or inpatient care
  • Self-help support groups
  • Short-term outpatient therapy and counseling
  • Special programs for some veterans with certain concerns (including homeless veterans, women veterans, and returning combat veterans)

Through U.S. Department of VA Funds, veterans can also receive support and treatment services to manage some of the health conditions that are often linked to drug and alcohol abuse problems. These conditions include post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Getting Help

For you to be able to use U.S. Department of VA Funds as a means of payment for the recovery services that you are going to get, you first need to apply for VA health care. After that, you should find alcohol and drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs that accept these funds as a form of payment. Once you are qualified and admitted into these programs, you can use these funds to offset the cost of your healthcare and recovery services.

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