Private Health Insurance

Through your private health insurance, you might be able to cover the treatment of your substance abuse and mental health disorders. This is thanks to the Affordable Care Act that now compels health care insurance providers to cover the treatment of these disorders.

About Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, it means that you are covered by a company. If you need addiction treatment and rehabilitation services, the insurance company will pay for this treatment - at least in part or even in full in some instances.

In 2014, research showed that about 91 percent of Americans had one or another type of health insurance. Depending on your plan and its specifics, this form of coverage can enable you access:

  • Follow-up therapy and counseling services
  • Inpatient care at approved facilities
  • Maintenance medications for your addiction
  • Medical detox, such as the use of medications for the management of withdrawal symptoms
  • Outpatient care from approved providers
  • Treatment for co-occurring medical and mental health conditions

Insurance Deductibles and Co-Pay

Depending on the policy that you have with your private health insurance company as well as the co-pay and deductible plans, you might even get the company to pay for all of your addiction treatment.

After the Affordable Care Act was passed, more people are now able to enjoy the benefits that come with having a health insurance plan. The Kaiser Family Foundation, for instance, reports that only about 13 percent of Americans do not have health insurance - back in 2014.

If you have coverage, it means that you can finally afford the cost of addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. most of these plans offer coverage for the treatment of substance use disorders and mental illnesses. However, you will often find that there are some specifications and limits that you need to deal with before you can get the benefits that you are looking for.

Today, PPO and HMO are the most common types of health care plans that are available if you have private health insurance. That said, you will most likely find that your insurance provider will cover the cost of your addiction treatment and recovery services - even if it is just to some extent.

HMO and PPO Plans

There are two main types of private health insurance plans, including:

a) Preferred Provider Organization Plans

Commonly referred to as PPO, these plans will allow you to visit health care providers irrespective of whether they are in or out of the network of preferred providers. Further, you will not have to get a referral to be able to benefit from the treatment options that they offer.

Often, PPO plans come with higher deductibles. However, these plans will still allow you to see a broad range of health care providers and specialists, some of whom might not be within the network accepted by your private health insurance company.

b) Health Maintenance Organization Plans

HMO plans, on the other hand, will allow you to choose primary care physicians and only see them for most of your medical needs. As a result, you will be able to form an ongoing relationship with an addiction treatment provider or doctor. This means that they will know your entire health history, which could make it easier for them to manage your condition.

If you seek treatment from a physician or specialist who is not in the network stipulated by your private health insurance provider, you will have to get a referral before this is allowed. often, HMO plans have low deductibles - and sometimes none. The overall coverage might also cost you less than a PPO plan.

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