Breath Analyzer or Blood Alcohol Testing

Also known as alcohol screening and testing, breath analyzer or blood alcohol testing is an important process that has to be conducted to determine if you have drunk alcohol, and the amount of alcohol you consumed.

About Breath Analyzer or Blood Alcohol Testing

The breath analyzer or blood alcohol testing process consists of behavioral and psychological processes. Administered by educational, clinical, and law enforcement officials, this process will determine if you have consumed alcohol and the amount of alcohol - if any - you have taken.

Often, it comes in the form of a saliva, breath, or blood test. This test would be used to determine the amount of alcohol you ingested - especially if you are suspected to be intoxicated on this substance.

The physical testing for alcohol within the bloodstream can be useful in the course of addiction treatment and recovery. This is because it can inform the treatment professionals if you have been complying with your recovery plan or if you have suffered a relapse.

If you are a frequent drinker but have not yet reach the stage of denial, you might already be aware that you are about to cross the line between recreational or social drinking and alcohol addiction and dependence.

To this end, you might want to take a self-assessment questionnaire to allow you to determine whether the circumstances and levels of your alcohol consumption border on alcoholism - or if you are at risk of developing (or have already developed) this substance use disorder.

If a health care professional or a physician suspects that you might be abusing alcohol in the course of your treatment, they might require that you take this test. In such a situation, the test would be more detailed than what you can obtain on your own.

In this situations, the healthcare provider would have clear instructions on how to perform the test as well as on how to score it. They can also observe your behavior during the alcohol testing process.

When teens are suspected of drinking alcohol, school administrators, psychologists, guidance counselors, parents, and teachers can administer breath analyzer or blood alcohol testing.

Breath Analyzer or Blood Alcohol Testing Methods

That said, breath analyzer or blood alcohol testing is used to determine if there is alcohol in your bloodstream. As mentioned above, it is used in a wide variety of settings - including but not limited to schools, by law enforcement officials, and in addiction treatment programs.

Law enforcement officials - such as traffic police officers - might administer breathalyzer tests if they suspect that you have been driving under the influence of alcohol, and thereby posing a danger to yourself and to the general public.

Medical professionals might also administer these tests. However, saliva and blood tests tend to be more convenient and accurate. It is for this reason that they are commonly used in non-forensic settings.

Overall, breath analyzer or blood alcohol testing can help determine if you have consumed alcohol and - if yes - the amount of alcohol that is in your bloodstream. After that, various steps will be taken to ensure that you overcome your alcohol use disorder or addiction, such as by being compelled to enroll in an addiction treatment and rehabilitation program.

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