Long Term Drug Rehab

Long term drug rehab is effective at the management of chronic or severe substance use disorders. It might also prove useful if you have been diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health disorder over and above your addiction.

Understanding Long Term Drug Rehab

This form of rehab is one that lasts in the long term. It is mostly provided on an inpatient basis and will last anywhere between 120 and180 days, or even longer. It is recommended for severe substance use disorders as well as for the management of co-occurring medical and mental health disorders.

While enrolled in long term drug rehab, you will receive an addiction treatment plan that would be divided into different stages. These stages involve medically managed detox, rehabilitation and therapy, and aftercare recommendations and support.

These programs will also offer you different approaches to recovery and treatment. although the duration of treatment will vary greatly based on many different factors, most of these programs will last over the long term.

Long Term Drug Rehab Services

In these programs, you will be required to undergo medically supervised detoxification. This process will take a couple of days to about a week. However, it might last longer depending on the speed at which you recover from your withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings.

The detoxification process will then by followed by a few months of highly intense addiction therapy and counseling. This process is designed to help you understand the reasons behind your substance abuse and addiction, as well as start learning how to overcome the condition. You will also be taught new relapse prevention skills to ensure that you do not start abusing drugs or drinking alcohol once you check out of the treatment center.

Most long term rehab programs will also offer aftercare planning services. these services will involve creating a plan of the things that you are going to do upon checking out of the treatment setting to ensure that you do not go back to substance abuse and addiction. These services, for instance, might include attending support group meetings, going for individual and group counseling, and enrolling in an outpatient addiction treatment program.

Who Needs Long Term Drug Rehab?

Long term rehab would be recommended if you have a severe substance use disorder that has been ongoing for the long term. It would also be ideal if you have received a dual diagnosis for a substance use disorder as well as a co-occurring medical or mental health disorders.

NIDA - the National Institute on Drug Abuse - reports that most of these programs last anywhere between 6 and 12 months, although some of them might go on for much longer. If you have been displaying challenges in your recovery while enrolled in a short term rehab program, you might also be able to benefit from a long term drug rehab program.

This form of treatment might also work if you have suffered multiple relapses in the past even after attending a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, or if you face other difficulties that make it difficult for you to sustain your sobriety for a long time.

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