Adderall Rehabilitation Programs

Although Adderall comes with many benefits, it could also because substance abuse and addiction. If this happens to you, you are going to need the help provided by Adderall rehabilitation programs to get started on the road to recovery.

About Adderall

An amphetamine drug, Adderall is a combination drug that contains both dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Both of these chemicals act to stimulate the central nervous system. They do this by affecting the nerves and chemicals of the brain, thereby contributing to impulse control and hyperactivity.

To this end, Adderall is effective in the treatment of narcolepsy - a type of sleeping disorder - as well as of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, some people also abuse this drug for its stimulant properties and resultant effects.

If you are among these people, there is a high risk that you may develop a substance use disorder, or an addiction. It could also give rise to many other dangerous effects. At some point, you are going to need Adderall rehabilitation programs to be able to stop abusing this drug.

Adderall Addiction Treatment

You may need Adderall rehabilitation programs and the services that they provide if you have tried stopping your use of this drug but found that it was impossible for you to do so. These programs might also be useful if the drug has started interfering your daily obligations and responsibilities. Often, they provide the following recovery services:

1. Medical Detox

The goal of medical detoxification is to stop your physical dependence on Adderall. During this process, you may display some withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. These symptoms include exhaustion, vivid dreams and nightmares, increased appetite, weight gain, sleep problems, depression, and irritability.

Through a medical detox process, you will be able to overcome these symptoms in a safe, comfortable, and protected environment. Often, detox is offered on an inpatient basis to ensure that you receive round the clock medical supervision, care, and management.

2. Inpatient Rehabilitation

If you are severely addicted to Adderall or you display the signs and symptoms of a co-occurring medical or mental health disorder, you might be able to benefit from Adderall rehabilitation programs that are offered on an inpatient or residential center.

These programs will offer round the clock medical care, and you will be living at the recovery center. This will protect you from the external environment - which might lead to a relapse back to Adderall abuse.

3. Outpatient Rehabilitation

You can also choose to overcome your Adderall addiction on an outpatient basis. This would mean that you receive help for your substance abuse a few times a week, a couple of hours every time. You can spend the rest of the time at home, work, and school - since you will not be living at the treatment center.

Outpatient Adderall rehabilitation programs would be the right option if your addiction is relatively mild or new and you are not suffering from any other co-occurring mental health disorders.

Getting Help

Both inpatient and outpatient Adderall rehabilitation programs will provide the same types of treatment services, such as inpatient and group therapy, and sometimes medical management. They will also be able to guide you on the road to recovery from Adderall abuse and addiction.

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