Adult Women

Addiction treatment for adult women tends to be different from that provided for adult men or teenage girls and young female children. This is because there are some needs that this population has which have to be met in the course of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

About Addiction Treatment for Adult Women

Most of the facilities that offer care for adult women struggling with substance use disorders and other co-occurring medical and mental health disorders often provide these services in a residential setting. However, some of them also provide partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and regular outpatient programs.

These centers are focused on the needs and requirements of women who have been struggling with addiction and chemical dependency. They also provide services that can help clients deal with mood disorders, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and other forms of dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment for Women

While enrolled in a drug and alcohol rehab center that is focused on providing its services to adult women, you will be able to benefit in a wide variety of ways. For instance, these centers will help you find home in the long term as well as get started on the road to full recovery from your substance use disorder and any other co-occurring mental health and medical disorders that you might also have been struggling with.

These programs also have teams of highly experienced and trained professionals. As such, they are able to integrate various theoretical perspectives in the addiction treatment and rehabilitation process. These perspectives include but are not limited to evidence based therapies, psychiatric care, medical care, and 12 step support groups. In the process, they will help you heal and learn how to live a healthier and more meaningful and productive lifestyle.

Due to the various challenges that arise in the treatment of adult women who struggle with chemical dependence, these centers often have a multi-disciplinary team comprised of clinical directors, board certified psychiatrists who focus on adult addiction and mental health treatment, clinical therapists, nurses, counselors, certified dietician, and many others.

These centers also provide their treatment and recovery services in secluded and peaceful environments. This allows the adult women enrolled in the programs to focus on their long term sobriety and recovery without any distractions from the external environment - distractions that might otherwise have caused the clients to suffer a relapse.

Adult Women Addiction Recovery Services

Most addiction treatment centers that focus on adult women offer support group meetings for their clients. Through these meetings, the clients can increase their ability to understand and recognize the impact of negative emotions on their life choices and long term sobriety.

These programs will also provide other services designed to help clients:

  • Apply coping skills
  • Challenge shame filters
  • Cultivate self-assertiveness
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Develop unconditional self-acceptance
  • Experience empowerment and personal growth
  • Grow in their self-responsibility
  • Improve conflict management skills
  • Practice personal integrity
  • Process shame cycles
  • Reduce the selfdefeating habits that they used to engage in
  • Start living purposefully
  • Understand and overcome enmeshment and co-dependency
  • Understand attachment styles

Through individual and group counseling, EMDR, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication management, experiential therapy, and many other treatment modalities, addiction rehabilitation programs for adult women can guide you on the road to recovery.

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