Military Insurance (e.g., Tricare)

If you are a member of the military - either as a veteran or as one in active military duty - you can use military insurance (e.g., TRICARE) to pay for the cost of your treatment and rehabilitation at a drug and alcohol recovery center.

About Military Insurance

Military insurance is a type of insurance cover that offsets the cost of mental and behavioral health care for veterans and members on active military duty. TRICARE is the most common type of military insurance.

This healthcare program is reserved for uniform military service members, as well as their family members and dependents. It also covers veterans or retired members of the Commission Core of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, the US Public Health Service, the Commission Core, the Coast Guard, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Army, and the US Air Force.

All the beneficiaries of TRICARE will be able to receive coverage that includes but is not limited to:

  • Health plans
  • Prescriptions
  • Special programs
  • Dental plans

Most of the programs covered by military insurance meet the requirements for the minimum basic coverage according to the Affordable Care Act. The Defense Health Agency, on the other hand, manages TRICARE under the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense.

Plans of Coverage

While on military insurance, or TRICARE, you may be able to benefit from various health care plans. All these plans exceed - or at least meet - the minimum expected standards of care as required by the Affordable Care Act. However, the availability of plans will largely depend on your state of residence as well as on various demographic factors that apply to you and to your dependents and family.

These plans, who qualifies for them, as well as the benefits available include:

a) TRICARE Prime

This plan is only available in certain prime geographical areas. In some instances, you might be required to pay an annual fee for enrollment. The availability of coverage will largely depend on your zip code.

Under this plan, there is TRICARE Prime Remote for remote areas across the United States as well as TRICARE Prime Overseas for locations that are near hospitals abroad and specific overseas locations.

b) TRICARE Extra and Standard

For this plan, you need to pay fees to get services. it is available in the United States and will not require you to enroll if you meet certain requirements and specifications.

c) TRICARE Standard Overseas

This comprehensive coverage package is available at every location beyond the borders of the United States. However, it does not come with any Extra option.

d) TRICARE for Life

This plan offers Medicare wraparound coverage. It would be useful if you have Medicare Part An and Medicare Part B coverage.

e) TRICARE Reserve Select

This plan is available for reserve service members as well as their families, as long as they are qualified.

f) TRICARE Retired Reserve

This premium plan coverage retired reserve members, their families, as well as their survivors, and other dependents.

g) TRICARE Young Adult

This plan is available for adult children who meet certain requirements. They can purchase this plan after the expiry of any other TRICARE coverage - which happens after the age of 21 or at the age of 23 in case they are college students.

h) The US Family Health Plan

This form of military insurance under TRICARE offers additional TRICARE Prime coverage. However, it is only available in 6 areas across the United States.

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