DUI/DWI Clients

Addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs for DUI/DWI clients are highly specific in their service offerings. They can help you reduce your risk of driving while drunk or intoxicated on drugs by ensuring that you do not abuse these substances again in the future.

About Addiction Treatment for DUI/DWI Clients

If you have been apprehended by law enforcement officials driving under the influence of drugs or driving while drunk, you might find yourself in a court of law. During your trial, you may have to choose between incarceration or addiction treatment.

If you choose addiction treatment, you will learn how to overcome your substance abuse and mental health disorders. These programs will also offer other services to help you reduce your risk of driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs in the future.

How It Works

Apart from regular addiction treatment services - such as medically managed detox, medication management, individual therapy, group counseling, family therapy, and couples counseling - drug and alcohol rehabs for DUI/DWI clients will also focus on teaching you the dangers of drugged or drunk driving.

Counselors and therapists will also teach you about the health and legal risks that come with making a decision to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk or on drugs. further, they will provide you with prevention tools to ensure that you do not repeat this reckless and dangerous behavior in the future.

If you skip the required DUI/DWI courses, you might end up suffering harsher punitive measures. This is because drug courts will choose addiction treatment for you to ensure that you get help for your substance abuse and addiction instead of stricter penalties.

Getting Help

If you are in trouble with the criminal justice system for driving while drunk or drugged, you might be required to spend time at an addiction treatment and rehabilitation program for DUI/DWI clients in lieu of other punishments, such as spending time in jail or paying fines.

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